About Us (AKA: We LOVE Dogs… And Why Dogs LOVE Us!)

We needed a solution for our own dogs.
We started out looking for nutritious treats for our dogs, for treats that were U.S. sourced and manufactured, without any additives, that were simply what they said they were. Harder to find than we thought!
And a tasty solution we did create!
So we began to make single ingredient treats ourselves. Our dogs, and their pals, gobbled them up and before long we were making for friends… then friends of friends… and soon Canine Carnivore Crunchies was born.

Wholesome Commitment

We believe that treats should not only be tasty but nutritious, and not contain extra ingredients that dogs don’t need, like grains or sugars or flavorings. Simple is better, pure is preferred! Our treats have no additives, no preservatives. Dehydrated, they will ‘keep’ in a closed bag, in a dry place. But we recommend storing in the fridge, and even freezing for longer use – they will last forever – not that your dogs will let that happen!


Ditto had 3 days of agility this weekend with 3 double qs and even a 1st place in Time to Beat! I used Canine Carnivore Crunchies liver all weekend. Coincidences?? I think not!!  - Teresa Rodney
My dogs finished off all of the chicken and the liver this weekend! Slayte is picky and he went nuts for it! – Jennifer Hill
Cannon and Jessie would rather guard their defrosting chicken feet than swim, which used to be their favorite thing to do! – Nancy Gast
Oliver and Gidget love the chicken feet and liver! They have insisted that I order more! – Amy Balchum


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